MARCH 7, 2018

CRM or Excel? You may of heard of such a comparison. However, it seems that not all Excel users know CRM advantages. Some Radario users have said to us that their industry colleagues do still use Excel even though there are much more convenient alternatives. However, if you are an event organizer who has an audience of fewer than 1000 attendees, then this blog post might be not for you and Excel in your case is more than adequate for data storing and querying. However, if you are an event organizer who has a large community, you might benefit from reading this post. Especially if you can't easily see the advantages of a CRM over Excel.

To start with, let's run through the reason why Excel was created. Microsoft introduced Excel about 30 years ago which made calculations previously done by hand into a desktop program. Excel was created mainly to analyse data. Despite the age of the software, it doesn't mean it's an obsolescent or outdated solution. Excel can still be the best tool for some tasks, but not for all. For example, Excel may not fulfill your needs if you are looking for data storage. Here are some reasons why we think every event organizer with more than 100 new attendees a month should consider using a CRM system:

1. Less room for mistakes
Excel requires a lot of attention, care and time when working with spreadsheets. While a CRM system can be attentive to the details with less time and effort, saving you time.
2. More reliable storage
You can lose the Excel spreadsheet or it can fall into the hands of a competitor. Spreadsheet can be uncomfortable to share via email. Of course, Google-spreadsheets solves this problem, but only partly. If your cloud spreadsheet consists of a lot of data, the editing process can be effected with slow downloading speed making it difficult to edit and use.
3. Features aka formulas
Some people might say the features of CRM systems are limited in comparison to Excel. With Excel event organizers can calculate almost every formula they need. However, event organizers only need a few formulas. Established CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics come with a variety of formulas, but doesn't provide formulas tailored to event organizers. It's also highly unlikely that Microsoft will implement any new feature on someone's request. Using tools created by younger companies can have its benefits as they can create custom features for their users. We do so at Radario.
4. Avoid unification problems
People may use Excel spreadsheets differently and sometime this can cause problems. With a CRM system, you and your colleagues can work with the data in a more unified way. Radario solves this problem being that we are—a cloud data storage service.
5. Full integration with Eventbrite that really saves a lot of time
And finally, the most important reason. Excel doesn't integrate with popular ticketing platforms. This can be time-consuming for event organizers to move data from one service to another. Users have to manually upload lists from their ticketing provider, organize the data in Excel, then upload the csv file to their marketing platform of choice. Although people accustomed to the process, it doesn't make it a pleasurable experience. Radario makes working with large data sets less time-consuming and removes headaches from your routine operations.

Remember that time is money. We here at Radario save event organizers a lot of time which can be spent on more important or/and less routine tasks.
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