Radario turns your event data into ticket sales

Instant event analytics, powerful CRM and personalized email marketing seamlessly integrated with ticketing platforms

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Your audience is your core value
Make the most of the cumulative data about your audience and find data-driven answers to critical questions
How to be the top ticket seller?
Find hidden sales patterns and create data-driven sales strategies
Who are your top attendees?
Know your audience and their behavioural patterns
How to improve your events?
Let your audience help make
events better
How to increase re-purchases?
Explore the metrics that help you grow revenue and focus your efforts where necessary
How it works
Connect your ticketing platform of choice to Radario Marketing Platform or just load audience data manually
All ticket sales & attendees data will be automatically monitored and imported to Radario Marketing Platform (including past data)
You are all set!
Get access to the powerful analytics & marketing features described below
Email Marketing
Facebook Integration
Sell more with data-driven decisions
Most valuable attendees

Ticket sales & revenue timeline

New vs Returning attendees

And more
12 reports of in-depth insights includes:
Meet the people behind your orders
View detailed information about your audience in one place (name, email, purchase history, etc.)

Enrich customer profiles with social accounts data, interests, etc., to make your event marketing more accurate and personal

Over 20 attributes to filter and segment

Segment your visitors for the best-personalised communication and response
Automate & Personalise your email marketing to boost ticket sales
Use Radario’s preferred email partner for the robust in-application reporting and mobile-optimised templated message creation or keep your current email service provider with an easy MailChimp Integration (no more uploads/downloads)
Automate email messages to send on a particular schedule relative to your events or based on the actual user activity and significant dates

Send pre/post-event emails or email your patrons after they purchase a few tickets or reach another milestone

Take advantage of the built-in AI and expert-generated reporting recommendations to discover high impact audience segments and communication
Facebook Integration
Use Radario’s proprietary artificial intelligence based on the machine learning data engine. Use suggested audience segments or create your own to run ads on Facebook
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