Our main goal is to help event planners get a complete picture of their events performance and improve attendee retention and ticket sales over time via the usage of deep analytics and targeted marketing campaigns
We met five years ago with the idea of creating a new generation of ticket sales services that would include all the features missing in the existed solutions in the market. In five years, our team has turned Radario Ticketing from a small start-up to one of the largest ticketing services in the CIS region.

With the knowledge and skills gained during the process of creating Radario Ticketing, we are creating our new product—Radario Marketing Platform.
Meet Our Executives
Sergey Suchkov
Experienced entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience in the event industry.

In 2012, he founded the company “Radario Ticketing.” Under his management within four years, Radario Ticketing has become one of the biggest ticketing platforms in the CIS region.

Born in Leningrad, he majored in Service. In 2012, he received additional education in the IBI (International Banking Institute) with major in Strategic Management.
Anton Bryantsev
Expert in Software Development with 15 years’ experience in developing highly loaded systems and project management—from enterprise automation systems to multi-user online games.

Since 2012, technical director and co-founder of Radario where he is responsible for the entire technological process of developing solutions, forming a strategy for the development of the company and product, and managing a team of development engineers.

Born in Leningrad, he is a graduated of ITMO University with a degree in Informatics and Management in Technical Systems
Daniil Shcherbakov
Business Development Director
Passionate manager with 6 years’ experience in project management and business development in the IT-industry.

In Radario, he is also responsible for product management, participating in competitions and public presentations.

Previously co-manage a startup “Fibrum” that later became one of the biggest mobile VR-apps developers within 2.5 years.

Born in Samara, he holds an MSc in Business informatics at Higher School of Economics, Moscow and an MSc in Information System Management at Vienna University of Applied Sciences, Vienna
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