Radario vs MailChimp
and Other Email Marketing Platforms

FEBRUARY 14, 2018
Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools. It gives you full control allowing you to establish direct contact with your customers. Most people have at least heard of popular platforms MailChimp and SendinBlue being the industry leaders in the field of email marketing. All these services have great advantages, however, none are designed specifically for the event industry.

At Radario, we developed our own marketing campaign builder pushing the envelope to where we see services like MailChimp could be improved.
1. Better integration with ticketing platforms
With popular marketing campaign builders, you have to import your emails manually in their services. Which can take important time away from an event organizer. With Radario we are fully integrated with Eventbrite, making it seamlessly easy to segment your audience and create marketing campaigns all in one place. Radario is built by event organizers for event organizers which means there is no need to manually upload email lists to MailChimp or any other email marketing platform.
2. Segment your audience based on attendees purchase behavior
Audience segmentation is a common activity when an event organizer manages their event and community. Popular marketing campaign services allow segment by new vs. past subscribers, customer activity, demographics, etc. This perfectly works for companies who are looking to organize a mailing list. Yet again, this doesn’t necessarily meet the needs of sophisticated event organizers looking to dive deep into their ever-growing community and attendees. Currently most event organizers would have to segment their audience manually via spreadsheet and upload the csv file to a marketing campaign builder. Radario allows you to choose from over 20 criteria to filter and segment your audience. For example, you can choose only attendees who have visited concerts, a specific type of event or who have spent more than X amount of money. We also enrich your customer profiles with social accounts data, interests and other tags and automatically segment your audience based on common data points in your community.
3. Event tailored marketing
Sharing discount codes or creating loyalty programs isn’t something you can do with popular email marketing platforms. With Radario you can do just that. Radario works directly with Eventbrite, you can add your discount codes to emails and create loyalty programs based on the number of events visited or tickets purchased. You can even go as far as sending automated pre- or post-event emails, or automatically message attendees once they purchase a specific number of tickets or reach a milestone.
4. Less generic stats
Common marketing platforms share limited information when it comes to stats. Typically they show the open rate and clicks. But if you are looking for something more sophisticated Radario helps analyze your mailing campaigns’ influence on ticket sales; breaking down sale to each attendee. We even calculate how much was brought in from discount codes.
5. More for your money
The average pricing for email marketing services and for Radario is almost the same with one important exception—with Radario for the same fixed price you get powerful CRM and analytics in addition to marketing campaign tool integrated with your ticketing platform. If you’re a heavy user of MailChimp and you want to still use it, we integrate with MailChimp too.
If you are looking for a cost-effective solution and event tailored email marketing service Radario may fit your business needs. With full integration with Eventbrite, you will be able to segment your audience and create marketing campaigns, all in one place. Automate pre- or post-event emails based on attendees purchase behavior and gather less generic stats about your community.

Try Radario today with a 30-day free trial or get in contact with us for a free growth marketing consultation.
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