What is Radario Marketing Platform?

Radario Marketing Platform (RMP) is a specialized all-in-one platform for online event-marketing that combines all the necessary tools for collecting, processing and subsequent data-driven marketing to your audience.

The main task of Radario Marketing Platform is enabling organizers to focus on what they love and do best – creating stunning events, rather than routine work.

Why do you need Radario Marketing Platform?

Your audience is your greatest asset.

With Radario Marketing Platform, you get a powerful, yet simple tool for discovering insights about and working with your audience.

RMP will help you to:

● Enhance loyalty
● Engage new visitors
● Improve feedback
● Increase the number of repeat purchases

which will result in:

● Better sales and fewer refunds,
● Retention of old customers,
● Event failure risk reduction

Radario Marketing Platform is here to bring you and your customers closer.
Find additional customer insights and new points of growth for your business!
For more details: radario.cc/use/how-to-use

What components are included in the platform?

Our platform consists of several key components that are designed to maximize and simplify working with your audience

● CRM: visualize and segment your visitors for the best personalized communication and response
● Campaign Builder: powerful editor of beautiful newsletters
● Facebook Ads: Promote your events to the people who are really interested in them

For more details: radario.cc/help

We are also constantly working on expanding and adding new services to the system.

What are the key advantages over competitors?

Let us be frank with you, today, Radario Marketing Platform has no direct equivalents.

You can create a similar solution by combining and configuring several third-party products. But this requires time, knowledge and other costs.
Doesn’t it sound too complicated for something that so many organizers need every day?

That is why we have implemented all the services and integrated all the necessary third-party components in one convenient tool for you, making setting and working with the system as simple and flexible as possible.

All you need is just to login using your existing Eventbrite account and you are ready to bring your online marketing to the next level!


Only Eventbrite direct integration is supported at the moment, but we are working on adding other popular DIY ticketing platforms soon, let us know if there is a specific one you need.

Email us and we will see what can be done!

Is it safe?

Service is protected by SSL encryption and your data belongs to you. We will never sell or transfer data to third parties without your permission.

Who are we?

Event industry is our life!

We are event organizers with more than 10 years of experience, passionate about organizing great events and leaving lasting impression with the fans!

Create outstanding emotions, Not routine

We’ve created Radario Marketing Platform to minimize advertising effort while maximizing results and providing the most effective and simple tool for interacting with your audience.

Are you with us? 🙂

Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us at [email protected]