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How to enter your profile
To change the profile settings, you need to click on your profile name in the upper right corner of the system. In profile settings, you can:

– Upload an avatar
– Enter sender name
– Enter sender email that will be used for communications
– Change language
– Change currency
– Change time zone

Important! Please use your actual work email address. Generic email domains such as,, etc., or invalid emails may lead to suspension of access.

Make sure to click “Save” after making changes.

Adding customer profiles
Importing data from your Eventbrite account
Once you have connected your Eventbrite account to Radario Marketing Platform, we will automatically synchronize your audience with our system.

Important! This operation takes time. We will send you a notice to the email specified in your profile when completed.

Any new customer registrations or actions (such as ticket purchases) for your Eventbrite events will be automatically synchronized to RMP.
Installing the RMP audience data collection widget on your website
Email-grabber is a basic and effective tool to capture audience contact information on your Web resources.

To use this tool:
• Go to “Tools
• Select “Email-grabber
• Click “Get
• Enter the data required
• Click “Generate” and get a code that you can insert into the HTML page code of your site

As customers leave their email addresses, they will be automatically added to a specific tag.
Important! Specify a tag that will be assigned to all new customers added into RMP via this widget. This will enable you to easily filter such audience in the future.

Importing existing customers data from a CSV file
To upload customer data from a CSV file, click on “Import csv” in the “customers” tab and follow the instructions on the screen.

important! email addresses must be separated by “,” or “;”.

Having successfully uploaded your customers’ data into RMP you can see the list of customers after logging into your RMP account.

Click on any customer for more information, including information about their previous purchases, demographic and geographic data, etc.

How to add or delete customer tag
For each customer or customer group (segment), you can add or delete tags by clicking “Add tags” or “Delete tags.”

Use manually assigned tags to segment customers into relevant groups for future communication.

What is automatic customer segmentation?
Customer segmentation is designed to help increase the effectiveness of communication with your audience, creating personalized offers based on pre-defined filters, for example, a segment of customers who spent over X dollars could be given discounts for future events.

RMP constantly monitors audience activity, so as customers match set segment criteria, they will be automatically added to/ removed from the corresponding segments in real time.

Radario Marketing Platform uses filters to segment your customers based on the set criteria. For instance, it can be information about customer’s location or amount spent.

Filter types:
• Number of orders
• Total spent
• Average spent
• Attendees’ activity (presence or absence of purchases within a specific period)
• Purchases period
• Purchase date
• Tickets bought
• Purchased events
• Not purchased events
• Mailing campaigns
• Coupons
• Social accounts
• Check-ins

Important! You can create several filters such as “Purchases period,” “Purchase date,” by clicking on “+” in the upper right corner of the filter data window.

To remove unnecessary filters click on “Trash” in the upper right corner of the filter data window.

How can I create a new segment?
1. Go to the “Customers” page and click on filter settings on the left of the customer’s table.
2. Set filter conditions.
3. Click “Search” after selecting the required conditions.
4. You can then save customers filtered for this segment, by clicking “Save search,” and indicating the name of the new segment.

Types of segments
There are two types of segments—manual and automatic.

Segment—a manually configured segment.
Suggested segment—a recommended segment of users created by RMP based on the machine learning technology applied to your customer’s activity.

Operation with segments
How to delete segment?
To delete segment, click “Delete” on the selected segment page or on “Customers” page. You can delete multiple items.
How to export segment data into a CSV file?
To export segment data into a CSV file, click “Export to CSV” on a selected segment page or on “Customers” page.
How to change segment filter conditions?
Click “Edit settings” on the segment page and edit settings.
Facebook remarketing tool
How to activate Facebook remarketing tool?
1. Go to “Tools
2. Click “Connect” in “Facebook Remarketing tool” box
3. Allow access for Radario Marketing Platform application on your FB-account

Targeted FB-advertising of your events to your customers will become available once it is activated.

Using Facebook remarketing tool
1. Click “Customers” button under the navigation bar
2. Click smart segments button under the navigation bar and select one of the previously created segments
3. You will be forwarded to the selected segment page
4. On the “Segments” page, click “Export to Facebook” button and wait until the pop-up banner “Customers have been successfully created” appear


1. Go to “Customers” page
2. Click “Segments
3. Place your mouse over a segment of interest and click the “arrow” icon
4. Select “Export to Facebook

After that, go to Facebook Ads personal account and set up advertising campaign

Important! To use this feature, Facebook advertising account must be created and activated. For more details:

How to create new campaign?
You can create new campaign in three ways:

1. Click “New campaign” in the upper right corner of any RMP page

2. On the “Customers” page, you can quickly create a campaign by pre-filtering a set of customers and clicking “Create new campaign for selected.” You will be redirected to the new campaign creation page, and your selected customers will be automatically saved in a new segment named “Segment *date*”

3. Click “Smart segments” on the “Customers” page, and select previously created segment of interest from the list. Go to a given segment page and click “Send to entire segment” on that page
How to create new campaign?
The following are the fields that must be filled when creating a new campaign in the campaign editor

1. Enter campaign name and select its type:

event announcements – for the announcement of new events
discounts, bonuses, special offers – to communicate discounts, bonuses and special offers for your customers
offers from partners – for sending partner offers to your customers
service message – for important messages (such as event cancellation or date / location change, etc)

Important! If you choose a wrong type, you increase your chances of getting blocked by spam filters or even permanently blacklisted by certain email providers.

Important! Unsubscribed customers will not received further communication for a given type even if they are selected in a segment.

Important! Customer cannot unsubscribe from service messages


2. Select a previously created segment for mailing (or create a new one), i.e., those customers who will receive created mailing.

3. Select email send time from the drop-down list

• Immediately
– for immediate sending
• Deferred – for sending on the scheduled time/date
• By condition – for sending by condition. For instance, you can select various options for sending your email, e.g., “On birthday”.
Automatically – for automatic mailing upon the occurrence of a pre-set condition. For example, once a new customer enters the pre-set “Smart segment”, the email is sent to him automatically. Thus, you can automatically send emails to customers who, for example, made purchase of a certain amount.

4. Enter email subject

Important! Subject should be “catchy”, so that the user would want to open this email. See provided templates for examples.

5. Create email message

You can create email content by using:
• Visual editor
• HTML-editor – for advanced users
• Advanced mailings editor (plugin) – for advanced users

How to launch a campaign?
When all fields are filled in and mail is ready to be sent, you can:

• save the draft
• send test email to your email address to verify its format
• launch mailing

Also, you can launch a previously created campaign by going to “Campaigns” page and ticking one or several campaigns, and clicking “Run

Important! Before launching a campaign, ensure you check the existence of the email address for mailing in your account.

How to pause run or delete an existing campaign?
1. Go to “Campaigns” page
2. Select a campaign of interest from the list and select it by ticking in the check box