Top 5 Tips for Attendee Management

JULY 24, 2017
How to convert the information, which a user gives you when buying a ticket, into purchases? How to structure your work with a marketing platform competently and milk email marketing for all its worth? How to work with your audience and have full-houses?
It’s time to share how to use all the features of the new Radario product properly and start to earn more!
1. Accumulate the user base
The first and main stage of any work with the audience is about accumulating your customers’ database. Every person who purchased a ticket for your event should stay with you, at least in the form of an e-mail address. The most effective way of accumulating this base is, of course, direct sales, when you control the whole process, bring all the customer traffic to your resources, sell tickets to them and, as a result, know all your customers “in person”, replenishing the base with each sale . At the same time Radario ensures that all user contacts and information about their purchases are available at any time in an organizer’s personal account. You can take them and start working.
Within 8 months the customer base of the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater soared from 6,637 to 15,553 people, and the one of the Lensoviet Academic Theatre increased from 2,149 to 7,262.

2. Segment the audience
You get access to a rather large amount of information about your client, including geography, demographics, average basket, frequency and time of purchases etc. This helps segment the base and manage attendees and target your marketing campaigns as precisely as possible. You should understand that now mailing is more of an annoying factor. Therefore, the more relevant information users receive, the more trust they have in you.

3. Increase attendees loyalty
Newsletters are good, but sales can be increased by some “goodies” on offer. Our future lies with focusing on service, with businesses putting premium on meeting client’s needs. And developing loyalty programs is an integral part to this process. Love your users, thank them for being with you and let them feel exceptional: insides and discounts, special offers and exclusive content will add value to your mailing.
Theater “Masterskaya” e-mailed a special offer (searching for tickets with 50% discount on the hall plan) to 4300 users who bought tickets more than twice, with 2708 of offers being opened, 1019 clicks / conversions made, resulting in a full-house (1500 seats)

4. Ensure good e-mailing
The marketing platform Radario has everything you need to quickly launch a well-designed mailing list. It’s a simple and handy letter constructor to create an attractive selling letter. Also, think about the delivery. Users like humor and friendliness, so they will certainly appreciate your ingenuity, provided that it does not damage the message. Pay attention to the quality of content, use text verification services (for example, “GlavRed”) to avoid getting to the recycle bin along with other messages with “unique events” with a “unique atmosphere”.

5. Analyze the results
Scrutinize the results of your campaigns, follow conversion at all stages, and precisely determine the point at which something went wrong (or vice versa), which will allow you to make adjustments, not to repeat your mistakes, and to consolidate your success. You can find out how this or that heading or text works; understand which offer gets better reaction from your customers; analyze how accurately the audience segment was chosen; determine at what time users react better to your messages. In short, your possibilities are really limitless, which means that full-houses and sales increase are not far off.
Working with the Radario Marketing Platform, our customers receive (on average) + 40% sales growth,
+ 25% growth in the user base
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