Guys, we have terrific news!

JULY 28, 2017
We have been shortlisted as the Best New Event Technology Start-Up by The Event Technology Awards!

In different years, such companies as LINEAPP, Crowd Connected, MyGigApp and sli.do became winners. And this year, besides our company, 13 companies participate in the nomination, from systems to search for photographers and freelancers to face recognition technologies and products for organizing the work of a team at major events, and we sincerely wish everyone good luck!

And why are we so excited?

In addition to the obvious advantages of being shortlisted for such a prestigious award, for us participation in the Event Technology Awards shows the demand for our product and the prospects for the chosen vector of development.

We are deeply sure that working with viewers’ data opens great opportunities for event organizers both to reduce the cost of attracting customers and to better analyze the preferences of their audience. We create a solution that will allow promoters not only to truly understand their viewer, but also to find the shortest way to convey information about their events to those who are really interested in them. ”

The Event Technology Awards will be held on November 9, 2017 in London as part of the Event Tech Live forum.
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